• QUESTION #1 Since the fall of Roe v. Wade media elites have been predicting doom for Republicans, claiming that if the GOP doesn’t march in lockstep with Democrat demands for unlimited abortion-on-demand up-until birthall paid for by the taxpayer – they’ll be doomed politically.
  • QUESTION #2 In 2022, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refused to support even a Late-Term Abortion Prevention law in an attempt to appease the Abortion Lobby. After surrendering to pro-abortion forces, Republicans lost seats in the Senate in the 2022 Midterms even as Republicans took control of the House.
  • QUESTION #3 In 2023, Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia spent millions on TV ads across the state of Virginia saying, “there is no ban on abortion,” which was a punch in the gut to pro-lifers across the Old Dominion. The only pro-life bill Governor Youngkin would promise to support was a 15-week ban than would allow at least 94% of abortions to continue. This isn’t even as conservative as France’s current 14-week ban.
  • QUESTION #4 Sadly, many Republicans have all but stripped the humanity and the morality from the abortion issue by focusing their discussions on when it’s ok to kill a preborn child during a pregnancy. The fact is, it never should be ok to kill an innocent human being. Many pro-lifers believe Republicans refusal to say so is the true culprit for their continued poor performances at the polls.
  • QUESTION #5 Young people, many of whom tend to be pro-abortion, will be absolutely critical in 2024. But as U.S. Senate Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) stated, “Students for Life is the only national pro-life organization working to turn young people against abortion-on-demand.” The good news is, we’ve found we can convert up to 20% of the pro-abortion/on-the-fence young people we talk to!
  • QUESTION #6 There is so much at stake in 2024. Students for Life is prepared to EXPOSE the truth about abortion – and just how radical the Abortion Lobby is. And we’re the ONLY group even bothering to do so with young people who very well could prove key.
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