[POLL] Do you STAND with Students for Life and OPPOSE pro-abortion violence?

Thanks for completing your poll. Now will you answer a few followup questions?

  • President Biden's administration is using his Department of Justice to terrorize pro-life activists for the slightest infractions. Meanwhile, groups like Jane's Revenge run rampant in the United States, targeting hundreds of churches, pro-life organizations, and crisis pregnancy centers with vandalism and intimidation.

  • Two days after Hillary Clinton's comments, the radical pro-abortion terrorist group, Jane's Revenge, sent a death threat to a Students for Life training, threatening to "shoot up" grassroots activists with assault rifles.

  • 60 of Students for Life's chapters are currently being censored and are now involved in legal proceedings to defend their right to free speech. We've even been labeled a "hate group" by pro-abortion-controlled student governments.

  • Despite constant threats, Students for Life is DOUBLING DOWN our efforts to equip and mobilize young people to abolish abortion.

    With exit polls from the 2022 Midterms showing that pro-lifers must do more than ever to turn young people away from abortion-on-demand, our work has never been more important.

  • There is so much at stake in the coming months. The Abortion Lobby is more extreme than ever.

    Students for Life is the largest and most effective pro-life youth group in the nation – changing minds and saving lives by turning young people (Planned Parenthood's target demographic) pro-life.