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Do you agree these Christian colleges must KICK Planned Parenthood off campus?

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  • Followup:

  • Planned Parenthood is America’s leading killer of preborn babies. Last year, they committed 374,155 abortions. Meanwhile, they raked in a whopping $633 MILLION in taxpayer funding!
  • 9 out of 10 Planned Parenthood facilities are located within walking distance of a college campus. Some universities even give college credit for internships at Planned Parenthood. The abortion Goliath preys on vulnerable young women to line the pockets of abortionists.

    Students for Life is the ONLY national pro-life organization working to turn young people against abortion.

  • The national media and pro-abortion protesters do everything possible to hide the truth that abortion ends innocent lives. They’ll stoop to any low to cover for Planned Parenthood, including violence and intimidation tactics.

    Just in the past few months, the Cancel Culture mob has stomped on, ripped up, and set fire to Students for Life’s pro-life displays and assaulted our pro-life activists.

  • Planned Parenthood wants vulnerable pregnant mothers to believe their only “choice” is abortion. But Students for Life’s team of nearly 1,400 campus groups have helped save the lives of at least 50 preborn babies from abortion in the past year!

    Our pro-life student leaders help with everything from diaper drives to babysitting, ensuring these young mothers don’t fall prey to Planned Parenthood.

  • There is so much at stake in the coming months. Pro-abortion radicals are more extreme – and more emboldened – than ever before.

    Students for Life is the largest and most effective pro-life youth group in the nation – changing minds and saving lives by turning young people (Planned Parenthood’s target demographic) pro-life.