• Students for Life


    Violence against pro-lifers is raging.

    Now, polls show that SUPPORT for pro-abortion violence among Democrats has skyrocketed!

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  • There were over 100 documented attacks against churches and crisis pregnancy centers just in the first few months of Roe v. Wade’s reversal last summer.

    Yet, most media outlets refused to report on this.

  • Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice have done extremely little to prosecute those who’ve committed acts of violence against pro-lifers, claiming pro-abortion culprits are too “clever” for the FBI and “they work at night.”

  • In one of Students for Life’s trainings last fall in Omaha, Nebraska, the pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge left a note on our door threatening to “shoot up” our attendees with assault weapons.

    It took the FBI nearly seven months to do anything – which still only amounted to offering a small reward to anyone with information.

  • Just over the past year, our security costs have doubled and our legal fees have tripled due to all the attacks we’ve faced from pro-abortion radicals.

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