Pro-Life Supporter Survey

  • Pro-Life Supporter Survey

    As an informed pro-life American, Students for Life chose you to participate in this brief pro-life survey. Your answers will inform our team how to best allocate our resources in the coming weeks.

  • The nation’s largest abortion vendor, Planned Parenthood, committed 354,871 abortions last year and raked in over $600 million in taxpayer funding. Additionally, they are set to receive an extra $60 million now that the Biden administration has freed up Title X funding for them to access at any point.

  • Since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, over 61 million innocent preborn babies have been aborted. With former President Trump’s three Supreme Court appointments, Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, Planned Parenthood admits Roe is “hanging by a thread.”

  • Planned Parenthood is trying to infiltrate high schools and even middle schools with their sex ed curriculum. This curriculum grooms young people for abortion by promoting promiscuity and teaching students how to obtain abortions behind their parents’ backs.

  • Our national media and pro-abortion protesters do everything possible to hide the truth that abortion ends innocent lives. Planned Parenthood’s cronies have even targeted Students for Life groups for violence and intimidation to get us to stop spreading our pro-life message on college campuses because we’re turning their “target clientele” against abortion.

  • With 1,250 active pro-life campus groups, Students for Life is the most effective pro-life youth organization in the nation. We’re changing hearts and minds every day for Life.